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José Witteveen (b. 1981, The Netherlands) is an artist and photographer based in Rome. She finds herself between the realms of printmaking and photography, big social themes merge with personal stories.


Through collaborative engagement, inherent in her art practice, she encourages people to tell their stories and facilitates a dialogue about identity and gender issues.


Analog photography has enabled her to pay more attention to the subtle details within everyday surroundings, that she has become accustomed to.

The result is an ongoing series of works, that becomes an interplay between a certain poetic fragility and a loud, rough aesthetic of vibrant urban life.


Playing with religions, myths and the influence of the media’s flood of images has always been an important part of her work with etchings. Carefully constructed landscapes where emptiness plays its role amongst the fragmented scenery found in everyday life.


The scenes in them are reflections of the nature of man, in which personal experiences are portrayed but also about the correlations between the natural world and societal systems, between the contemporary and the ancient realms.

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