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Magali Duzant is an artist and writer based in NY and Zürich.

Her practice is rooted in both research and process, using photography, writing, installations, and artist books to explore and communicate the ways in which we describe, inhabit, and share experiences on intimate scales both large and small. 


Her installations often include time and light as both the concept and the medium. One example is the gallery installation of In Waiting: The Sea, where cyanotypes of the sea are projected onto a photosensitive paper through modified slide projectors over the course of several days, resulting in the translation of an image as well as a record of the passage of time. Language is another recurring theme that weaves its way into both her large-scale public installations and the more intimate artist books, exploring the minefield of communication and connection through its fluidity, finesse, and failings. 


Publishing is a large part of her output, projects range from newsprint zines to artists books, and often revolve around themes related to the metaphysical, the natural world, and counterculture, viewed through a lens of humor, poetics, and romanticism. Often presented as a kind of alternative history, her books take design inspiration from guides and manuals.


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