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Cas Campbell (b. 1995) grew up in New Zealand and received a BA in Painting from the University of Brighton and a MA at at the Royal College of Art. Campbell is currently based between Brighton and London. She has been shortlisted for the Chaiya Art Awards and the Visual Open Arts Awards, and her work has been part of group shows in London and the wider UK. Her work is included in public and private collections.


Cas Campbell is a multi-disciplinary artist using metalwork, printmaking and painting techniques to explore the definition of ‘home’ and its myriad of meanings through the visual indexes of the natural world. Drawing upon direct observation, personal narratives and threads of recollections, Campbell’s work draws art and science together to explore how our connection to nature influences our perception of home.

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"In September 2021, I attended Studio Verde Air to participate in their three-week Art and
Ecology residency. The program exceeded my expectations in every way and was an
incredible learning and working experience that I cannot recommend highly enough.
In the first two weeks of the program, artists took part in structured courses centred around
local ecology. All the instructors were highly professional experts in their field. They were
generous with their knowledge and time, with integrated lectures and highly informative
workshops delivered with great enthusiasm. The course program offered a broad
understanding of the local geology and ecology with a wide range of fantastic field trips
surveying the local ecological systems, alongside a detailed look at the area’s plants,
animals, and insects. The content was of an exceptionally high standard, and the artists
were given access to equipment, including binoculars, microscopes and camera traps to
support their investigations.


One particular course highlight was a day devoted to oak galls and their relation to wasps.
During this session, the botany and entomology instructors delivered the program together,
combining their respective expertise. A practical workshop followed, delivered by the
residency director (professional artist Maisie McNeice), demonstrating how to use natural
materials, including oak galls, to make inks and paints."


- Cass Campball

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