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Rosario Soria is a talented Ese Eja Artisan and a member of the native community of Palma Real. Rosário has a deep traditional knowledge of plants and harvests her materials from the forest.


She has become an expert in weaving techniques using Tamshi vine fibres, and has learned the different types and effects they have. She has taught her twelve year old daughter the whole process of production from harvesting, cooking, drying , dying and weaving. Rosario now says she is learning more techniques from her daughter. Rosarios knowledge of natural dyes is extensive and she finds her colours from roots, bark, leaves and seeds to dye the fibres. 


The Ese Eja form an Amazonian indigenous group belonging to the linguistic family Takana and are dispersed between Peru and Bolivia with four communities in Peruvian territory: Infierno, El Pilar, Palma Real and Sonene

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