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Pablo Serret de Ena is a Spanish multidisciplinary artist and independent filmmaker, based in Copenhagen. As a son of a social worker and a mathematician, Pablo’s life has always been defined by multiple interests, with no conscious boundaries among them, converging into a wide cross-discipline art practice. A permeable body of work around topics such exploration, identity, boundaries, error… and the direct relationship with our digital and natural environments.

In most of his projects, there has always been a special focus involving the audience around processes, who tend to be part of the work completing it, participating from it, or even as part of a big game. A collaborative basis practice that proposes art as a flexible system in a permanent dialogue with the place and its inhabitants. Highly motivated by AIR programs, where these immersive processes are easier to converge.

For the past years he has been specifically  concerned about how to include ecological narratives within a critical art practice, embedded throughout the whole process. Sustainable ways of narrating and producing art, of living and co-existence. He is also very interested in the strategies used by science to build and organise knowledge. Concepts like evidence, observation, measurement, perception of space and time… are being incorporated to his approach to art from a poetic perspective.

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