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Naitiemu Nyanjom is a Kenyan material, production and performance artist, with a background in civil engineering. 

She’s exhibited locally and internationally at the London Design Biennale, Design Manchester, Absa  L'Atelier Exhibition, and Johannesburg among others

Her practice focuses on finding her identity as an individual connected with community and nature; guided by the African Philosophy of Ubuntu.

She explores diverse materials and processes, telling emotional stories highlighting female energy, culture and mental health awareness.
She uses experimental audio-visual installations, upcycling waste, VR and other tech to enhance story-telling.

She worked as the festival lead at Nairobi Design, curating and coordinating the production of exhibits and experiences. Nairobi Design Week 2023, the 8th edition, took place from March 11th-19th at Opportunity Factory, themed ‘It's What We Make It.’ Received 3000+ attendees.

Naitiemu Nyanjom - 14.PNG
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