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Memusi Christopher Lesikito is a Laikipia Maasai native currently pursuing a Diploma in film and TV at the Africa Digital Media Institute, courtesy of the Netflix East Africa Creative Scholarship. Born and raised in the rich cultural tapestry of Maasai land, Memusi's roots deeply influenced his artistic journey.

Specializing in cinematography and editing, Memusi is passionate about storytelling, aiming to showcase positive narratives and rewrite stories to their authentic form. His dedication extends beyond academics, as he actively contributes to the world of sports as a member of the Maasai Cricket Warriors, having played in various international games.

Beyond the lens, Memusi has made significant strides in community engagement. Before his academic pursuit, he served as a community liaison officer at Olpajeta Conservancy from January to the end of 2022, fostering collaboration between the conservancy and the Endana community.

With a commitment to cultural preservation and positive storytelling, Memusi Christopher Lesikito continues to make strides in both his academic and community-oriented endeavours.

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