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Felipe Castelblanco is a multidisciplinary artist and researcher working at the intersection of participatory, film, and Media Art. His work explores institutional forms, creates platforms for inter-epistemic dialogue, and engages unlikely audiences in remote places. Felipe holds an MFA from Carnegie Mellon University (USA) and earned a Ph.D. from the Kunstuniversität Linz (Austria) and the Make/Sense Graduate School (Basel HGK), exploring avenues for epistemic justice in the Colombian Pan-Amazon region. In 2015 he served as a Cultural Emissary for the U.S State Department to the Philippines, through which he developed an ambitious participatory project around inter-cultural diplomacy at sea. Felipe has been the recipient of several international awards, including the Starr Fellowship at the Royal Academy Schools in London, a Robert Rauschenberg Foundation Residency, and was the 2021 finalist for the Breakthrough Awards from the Breaking Walls Foundation in Berlin for his efforts towards biocultural peacebuilding in Colombia. Recent shows include the 2019 Quebec Biennial, Helmhaus Zurich (Switzerland), Seasons of Media at ZKM in Karlsruhe (Germany), and the Queens International at the Queens Museum in New York.

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