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Balmoi Abe is an imaginative Architect with a flair for playful community development and regenerative design. He's a visionary with a twist, having earned accolades for his innovative work.

At the helm of Mambo Heritage, a cutting-edge consultancy firm, Balmoi breathes new life into cultural regeneration, preservation, and conservation within the built and natural environment. What sets him apart is his fearlessness in merging tradition with future technologies such as Blockchain to champion equity and virtue, making his approach both modern and rooted in heritage.

Prior to the development work, Balmoi played the role of director and founder at Cave Bureau, winning a 2017 Pan African Architecture Award for Critical Dialogue. With his work spanning three continents, Balmoi's background is as diverse as it gets. His love for anthropology and heritage permeates his problem-solving approach, making it truly unique and strategic.

Naitiemu Nyanjom - 16.PNG
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