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AGHAN ODERO AGAN is an internationally profiled Artistic Performance Creator, African Storyteller, Theatre/Screen Actor, Director and Writer. He is an Arts and Culture Management Consultant with wide experience in both visual and performance arts programs across the wider Eastern Africa region over the past two and a half decades. He is associated with several leading Kenyan arts organizations in various governance capacities as a founder, trustee and director. These include Zamaleo Arts & Culture Trust (ACT), Institute of Performing Arts Limited (IPAL) and Nairobi Arts Trust (NAT).
A Graduate of Arts & Culture Management from the University of Witwatersrand – RSA, Aghan studied at the University of Nairobi majoring in Business Administration and Marketing. He founded Zamaleo Arts & Culture Trust (ACT) in conjunction with the National Museums of Kenya in the capacity of Managing Trustee.

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