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the Amazon Rainforest, 2022

What is not owned cannot be sold. 


The Amazon forest is the lungs of the world, and home to diverse flora, fauna, and human communities. And yet governments and companies continue to destroy its resources in the name of profit.


Through collective activism that arose during the Beyond Conservation 2022 Artist residency in the Tambopata National Reserve, Peru, the resident artists are challenging the authorities' sense of ownership over the forest. They demanded that the leaders at COP27 take definitive action to protect the forests of the world. 



They used a typical banner, widely used in Latin American cities to signal the sale of a property, but in a much larger format, approximately 6 meters high. Once positioned in the expanse of the jungle, the banner then appears minuscule. 


In this collective installation, with the participation of different artists, forest dwellers, and people from native communities, they turn the message of this common sign on its head: “esta propriedade no está en venta” (this property is not for sale).

SV_Team (2).JPG


Chris Tigra (concept)

Felipe Castelblanco (Photo/ Video)

Anja Zachau

Henry Ortiz

Maisie McNeice

Aaron Terry

Pablo Serret de Ena

Alejandro Zevallos

Mauricio Arthuire

Froilan Rodriguez

Enoc Lopez

Emanuel Sanchez

Dyan Francis

Lamber Sanchez Muray

Daria Lipsky


Beyond Conservation 2022 curated by Studio Verde in partnership with Amazon Aid & ACEER Foundation

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