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 Studio Verde  curates and runs international Art residency programmes. Their objective is to integrate Science, Art and Community through immersion and collaboration.

Studio Verde curates and facilitates international Art and Science residency programs. Our objective is to foster the integration of science, art, and community through immersive experiences and collaborative endeavours.

Founded in 2021 by Artist and conservationist Maisie McNeice, Studio Verde embodies the belief that the harmonious union of Art and Science is fundamental to creative expression. Drawing inspiration from her upbringing on a lion research camp in the Okavango Delta, Botswana, Maisie's artistic practice has been deeply influenced by the interplay between these two disciplines. Motivated by her experiences working on biological research stations in the African and South American wilderness, Studio Verde was established to cultivate meaningful connections between art, science, and the natural world.

Studio Verde collaborates with specialists across a diverse range of scientific fields and actively engages with Indigenous experts. By bringing together artists and these knowledgeable practitioners, our aim is to provide artists with valuable insights and a deeper understanding of scientific principles. Through this process, artists can effectively promote awareness and catalyze positive change through their artistic practice.

Studio Verde's unique and immersive experiences provide artists with unparalleled opportunities for growth, exploration, and cross-cultural exchange. By venturing into these diverse landscapes, artists can forge meaningful connections with the environment, local communities, and scientific experts.

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