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co-existence 2023
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Crying milk

Crying positivity

And I am not talking about crying from happiness

Of intense laughter 

I am talking about tragedy, pain, and collisions !

The imiyenzi ( euphorbia ) tree sparked an imaginary perspective of resilience.

When you stab or cut the imiyenzi tree , milk comes out.

Where I am from they say that it is crying milk, "imiyenzi ira amata"

It gave me the perspective of resilience

Finding the enlightenment in tragedy.


Most of the times when we are angry, sad or in pain it is only normal that we shut  the door to our heart down.

However, I found that sometimes, circumstances come to enlighten us.

So that we can even open that door wider

and embrace our self conscious emotions.

Those wounds sense every similar experience from far.


Crying positivity is softening your reaction toward your environmental ecosystem.

Find the strength to tolerate but still be sincere to your environment.

"When you pick me I want to find the strength of calmness and ask you “why?” instead of picking you back."

The complex grey area that cares for those who we are in collisions.

In Maasai mara I found women who display the incredible resilience image, I wanna to call them my MamaZ 

Because there is not much of a difference from my community's women.

My MamaZ works in a very intense condition, that is either the cultural design of community as a way of life , where these MamaZ are responsible and committed to their families lives.

the weather conditions that vivid intense brightness and heat.

the economic conditions that get challenged, that it’s hard to even put potable water to drink on the table and so on...

However, my MamaZ after these intense experiences they still choose to portray the image of beauty in their smiley faces that they always keep, in their daily fashion choices full of decorations of colorful clothes, beads.


The Masaai communities I also found very muscular, resilient men.

Who have dedicated their lives to prove that they will protect their family no matter the challenge of either human or any predatory species.

These are for me one of the best characters of what could be portrayed as superman practices in real life.

They work hard to make sure that the business that they do is bound to succeed.


To  attract women they choose to display the image of beauty in the most popular fashion clothing full of red, blue, purple, yellow, green and so on..

The beads , earrings and necklaces that each hold direct meaning to their lives.


In the pyramid these elders have to nurture the youth for future decisions making. 

The college that is located in Nashulai, conversations help to gather these young ones.

Full of smiles and stories every time I observe a group of little brothers and sisters, I couldn't help to picture myself in them, conversations full of jokes.

The shyness that holds a perfection of respect and politeness.

And in the end they want to commit and contribute to knowing their cultural knowledge and practices, something that you don't always find in younger people of many communities including my Rwandan young community.

In the scale of numerical life of modern days i could say that these communities don’t have much!

But in the world of wisdom, growth , love and culture I want to say that they have got absolutely everything!

Studio Verde Air 19th-21st October 2023 Martha Mutiso Photos (449).JPG

As an artist and social activist, Canda has been working on a project that he initiated: Milele Virtual Museum. Milele museum is an online metaverse that started in 2021 to trace possible conjunction patterns on restitution proclamation and offer accessibility to African archives by innovating futuristic methods of conservation. With African artists and researchers, Milele are digitally reconstructing several artefacts and displaying them in an environment that will be designed based on different traditional African architectures and research. They use 3D scans of artefacts in partnership with museums. Milele Museum is currently available on virtual reality and soon on the web.

They are challenging the concept of a museum that is currently portrayed in Western perspectives. Milele Museum is growing to offer more content with a focus on education. They are looking into ways to create a possible understanding of African practices, rituals and culture with the use of technology. 

 IMIYENZI concept words by Canda featuring MANYISHO PRODUCTION “MEMUSI”

CO- EXISTENCE Residency - in Collaboration with Nashulai Masai Conservancy 2023- Kenya

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