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Art & Ecology Residencies and workshops -Umbria, Central  Italy 



Photo credit Riccardo Mattea


Photo credit Riccardo Mattea

Group international Art & Ecology residencies.

Location and dates for 2023 programmes to be announced.

  • General introduction of the Plantae Kingdom. Analysis of their evolution and adaptations needed for living outside an aqueous medium. Decentralised VS centralised system and strategies for survival without moving. General ecology, plant succession as a tool for landscape reading.

  • Herbarium: Introduction to the main families of plants, how to collect specimens, how to identify them using dichotomous keys and how to mount the specimens in a herbarium. (Herbaria provided)

  • Shapes in Plants and their structures, correlation between form and function, focus on reproduction strategies and different ways for dispersion.

  • Field trip in the surrounding area trying to see the function behind the shapes of the different structures found.

Edoardo Gesuelli

Edoardo was born in Mogliano, a little village in the Marche region of Italy. After living in New Zealand he developed a strong interest in Natural Sciences.

He graduated with a degree in Natural Sciences at the University of Florence with a thesis in taxonomic and functional diversity of semi-natural dry grassland. Eduardo is currently researching for his masters in Nature’s management and conservation. He is an expert in Italian flora and will run the botany program. He has recently become an interpretative Nature Guide with the intention of creating a connection between academic knowledge and the general public.

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