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Andrew Bale is a prof. of photography at Dickinson College and has taught photography in higher education, kids from ages 8-15, as well as adults. He has directed study abroad programs,Tanzania in 2016 and Rwanda in 2019. Bale has led/co-led photography workshops and in 2023 will co-lead visual Storytelling workshops in Boise, Idaho and Slovakia. Bale's photography has been widely exhibited since 2004. He has served as the 2008 artist-in-residence for the Foundation Espace Ecureuil in Toulouse, France, and the Guest Artist at SCAD’s Lacoste, France campus. He was a team member for the Ese’Eja Cultural Mapping Project, supported by a National Geographic Geno-graphic Legacy Fund Grant, and the photo editor for the book, Ancestral Lands of the Ese’Eja, the True People. Bale co-created a traveling exhibition titled, The Ese’Eja People of the Amazon: Connected by a Thread, which was installed at over 20 different venues in the U.S. and on display for one year at The Field Museum in Chicago.

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