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Aaron Terry M.F.A. (Printmaking) San Francisco Art Institute 2006  B.A. (Latin American Studies) Connecticut College 1995.  He teaches Printmaking in traditional and non-traditional methods, including digital and non-toxic approaches to printing methods. Terry's previous teaching includes extensive work in the Bay Area at the San Francisco Art Institute and the California College of the Arts with extensive coursework abroad in South America.  Terry's work dances between sculptural, sonic and printed materials that present visual allegories of personal politics embedded in the color, flash and cadence of today's rapid-fire media parade. Appropriated and collaged content recalls, recasts and invokes history, while presenting a shared negotiation of memory. Sourcing from sound bites, album covers, and news media, the work resurrects new conversations with old ghosts, and questions the potential for a better future. Pop and politics synthesize in continuous flux to create an extended détournement; utilizing repetitive sonic and visual elements to reinvigorate progressive ideas nested in music and cultural references that have devolved and diminished through false familiarity over time. Much of Terry's work is  informed by his study of printmaking's role in the politics and propaganda of the last century and how that relates to the role of art in today's political climate.

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